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Want to read What I Learned from Cancer in your book club? Want a Q&A with the author as part of the deal? Look no further than this. Here is the deal. If you purchase this bundle of 10 books for the price of 9, you'll also get a live Q&A with the author (up to 60 minutes). If you live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, or are willing to pay for travel (and accommodations if necessary) then I'll come to sit live and in person wherever your book club meets.

If you do not want me in person, then I'd be happy to join you via Skype, or whatever video conferencing tool you use, anywhere the Internet reaches.

So, this bundle gets you:

9 softcover copies of What I Learned from Cancer (signed by the author)
1 hardcover copy of What I Learned from Cancer (signed by the author) 
1 live chat (up to 60 minutes) with the author (must be claimed within 1 year of the order). 


What I Learned From Cancer



By Dennis Maione



"There is literary gold here. It's immediate raw and personal. It's also very funny in some spots."--Gerald Bowler,PhD, author of Santa Claus: A Biography

"And I thought bears were scary. Dennis Maione faced down the ultimate opponent and lived to tell the tale. In this book he explains how he survived and learned to run faster than cancer."--Jake MacDonald, author of Grizzlyville: Adventures in Bear Country


What I Learned from Cancer is part narrative, part reflection, and part primer. Readers first follow the story of Dennis Maione’s 20-year journey through two cancers and the diagnosis of a genetic condition that ensures, one way or another, his journey is ongoing. Marked by wit and wisdom alongside poignance and passion, this tale has laugh-aloud humour while acknowledging the struggle to find life and hope in the midst of trying times.

Next, reflective essays present cancer as a journey not to be undertaken alone or without the right tools. Here, Maione explores the many dimensions of community. Written as advice for his 27-year-old self getting cancer for the first time, this is a glimpse into the soul of a cancer survivor.

Finally, a series of imagined conversations with a doctor tackles such questions as: “What is cancer?” “How can cancer be treated and prevented?” “How are genetics linked to cancer?” and “How can I tell if my family has bad genes?”

The narrative is compelling, the essays riveting, and the conversations stimulating and informative. This is a book to be read and then shared with your friends and family.

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